We offer our clients effective legal counsel in the following practice areas:

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Business Law

Businesses need an experienced team of legal professionals able to provide ongoing support and legal advice. We believe in providing our clients with outstanding access to legal counsel, ongoing communication, and positive results. At Dickson Hatfield, we are always ready to help you develop and find solutions that help you achieve your business goals and objectives while working with a professional and experienced network of consultants.

Business Formation

As a business owner or manager, your highest priority is to protect the value of your business and assure its growth. We have extensive experience assisting clients in choosing the appropriate type of business entity and capital structure that meets the needs and goals of the company at formation and through growth phases.

Examples of the types of business formation our attorneys may discuss with you include:

  • C Corporation
  • S Corporation or Subchapter S Professional Corporation
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • General Partnership
  • Sole Proprietorship

Once we strategize the best solution for your business needs, we will also help you get up and running. We will assist you through the entire start-up process, including drafting and negotiating formation documents such as operating agreements, bylaws, joint venture agreements, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, and more.

Operating Your Business

Once your entity is formed, you will likely encounter varied situations where you will need the ongoing advice and counsel of a skilled business attorney. We routinely assist our business clients with a variety of business transactions and other matters, including:

  • Negotiating, structuring, and drafting contracts and commercial agreements
  • Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating commercial leases
  • Employment issues
  • Arbitration and mediation of disputes
  • Tax issues
  • Entity transformations and dissolution
  • Asset and liability evaluation
  • Obtaining and maintaining tax-exempt status for non-profit clients
  • Sales and Acquisitions
  • Stock Transfers
  • Annual Meetings, Minutes, and other legal requirements

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Real Estate Law

Issues in real estate law and transactional real estate matters can be varied and complex. Whether you are dealing with a commercial or residential real estate issue, our experienced attorneys will work to ensure your rights are protected, costs are minimized, and due diligence deadlines are met. We provide in-depth legal knowledge in all aspects of real estate law, including the acquisition, development, use, and sale of real property, both urban and rural.

Dickson Hatfield is a comprehensive real estate law firm.  Our attorneys offer extensive legal services related to a variety of real estate matters, including:

  • Real estate transactions, including property acquisition, sales, and legal guidance with closing procedures
  • Encumbrances, including easements and rights of way
  • Land sale contracts, options, and rights of first refusal
  • Recording services
  • Planned community association and condominium law
  • Construction law and liens
  • Title research, including clearing clouded titles to achieve marketable title
  • Loan structuring and documentation
  • Loan workouts and negotiations
  • Judicial and non-judicial foreclosures
  • Liability and casualty insurance issues
  • Landlord-tenant issues and disputes
  • Leasing: commercial, industrial, and residential property matters

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Land Use Law

Land use law encompasses a wide range of legal concepts, including real estate law, environmental law, administrative law, constitutional law, and a thorough understanding of zoning ordinances, public policy, city and county codes, and regional politics. Dickson Hatfield understands the intricacies of Oregon land use law as it relates to every phase of a project, from planning approval through development and completion.

We counsel individuals, businesses, developers, non-profits, organizations, builders, and design professionals on various land use matters including zoning, easements, development agreements, property and water rights, eminent domain, and property boundaries. We provide support and advice that covers the full scope of land use planning issues. We represent clients in all aspects of land use, including:

  • Amendments to comprehensive plans and zoning ordinances
  • Drafting, negotiating, and advising on construction contracts and agreements
  • Transferable Development Rights (TDRs)
  • Environmental issues and concerns
  • Condemnation issues
  • Land use planning and joining issues
  • Full-service subdivision, partitioning, and development, including lot-line adjustments
  • Legal lot of record determination
  • Preparation, negotiation, and recording of easements, licenses, and encumbrances
  • Property research, including title research, chains of title back to Patent, land use permitting history, tax assessor records, and encumbrances of record

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Water Law

Water law regulates the use, control, and management of all types of ground and surface water.  In Oregon, statutes and regulations encompass a wide assortment of complex basin, watershed, state, and federal standards of compliance. When a dispute or issue in these areas arises, it’s essential to have the advice of an attorney who thoroughly understands and has experience practicing in this area of law, and particularly in Oregon.

Few attorneys are familiar with Oregon Water Law or have experience practicing in this area.  At Dickson Hatfield we are well-versed and experienced in all applicable laws and regulations governing the claim, diversion, storage, use, and possession of potable and irrigation water in Oregon: specifically in the Deschutes, Metolius, and Crooked River tributary systems. Our attorneys have many years of experience assisting clients with all types of water law matters, including appurtenancy, beneficial use, transfers, deliveries, shared use and rotations, claims, and land use approvals in association with water use. We have represented private, government, and commercial clients in courts, administrative hearings, and before the Oregon Water Resources Department and Commission.

In Central Oregon, attorneys practicing water law must possess a thorough understanding and respect for the region’s unique geography and history in order to work effectively with irrigation districts and land developers on surface and groundwater issues. As Central Oregon natives, our knowledge of the region enables us to understand local issues and develop complete, cost-effective, and creative solutions for our clients.

At Dickson Hatfield, we have specific expertise in water transactions impacting the following surface systems:

  • Upper Deschutes River
  • Middle Deschutes River
  • Whychus Creek
  • Metolius River
  • Little Deschutes River
  • Tumalo Creek

If you have a question about water laws or water uses and how they apply to your commercial or residential property, please contact us. We want to help you find an affordable, effective, and timely solution to your problem, including the following:

  • Historic water rights of the Deschutes River Basin and watershed
  • Instream leases and other tools to protect surface water rights
  • Permits for in-water structures and waterway crossings
  • Waterway boundary disputes
  • Water use authorizations, including both well rights and irrigation rights
  • Easements for well rights and irrigation rights
  • Water rights transfers and transactions
  • Groundwater and surface water permitting and enforcement issues
  • Mitigation of ground and surface water uses
  • Regulatory and legislative matters relating to these issues

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Tax Law

Regardless of whether you are operating a business or are an individual seeking tax advice on a specific transaction, we can help you formulate a plan to avoid audits and interference by authorities, reduce tax liabilities, and keep you out of court.

We work to serve our clients as their needs evolve.  When a tax problem arises, the origin is often deficient planning. Our goal is to help you avoid tax controversies and consequences by offering you accurate tax advice and planning strategies that anticipate potential problems before they happen. We are here to ensure that your tax plan is compliant with all federal and state tax laws while achieving your desired results, because protecting the assets and rights of our clients is our priority, too.

We represent our clients in personal and commercial tax matters and transactions. Examples of areas in which our tax attorneys work closely with clients include:

  • Tax planning and advice for individuals and companies, including start-up companies
  • Business transactions
  • Investments
  • Planning for non-profit and tax-exempt entities
  • Audits

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